Facility Engineer (Lab Technician)

Department Aeronautics and Aerospace
Deadline None

The von Karman Institute is looking for a new Facility Engineer (Lab Technician).

Job Description

As a scientific laboratory technician, you will be involved in a variety of laboratory-based investigations, mainly within super(hyper)sonic and high-enthalpy areas. You will assist staff and support laboratory-based investigations by undertaking a range of technical and experimental tasks, operating unique facilities like the Plasmatron (a 1.05MW plasma generator) and the Longshot tunnel (a Mach 14 wind tunnel).
The work is almost entirely laboratory-based and technician may work alone or as part of a team of scientific staff. The role includes supporting scientific investigations and experiments and management of the laboratory equipment, working alongside the scientific staff. More specifically, daily work may consist of:
• Assembling, preparing and mounting of test articles in the test facilities.
• The installation of precision instrumentation including pressure transducers, thermocouples, and precision electronics. Verifying the correct operation of sensors and actuators necessary for each experiment.
• Maintenance and operation of laboratory equipment, installations and wind tunnels under the supervision of the research team.
• Ordering and maintaining stock and resources.
• Ensuring proper organization and tidiness of lab spaces

Requirements and Qualifications

To qualify for this position, the candidate must possess, or be ready to learn, the following knowledge, training, experience and abilities:
• Hands-on electromechanical experience with laboratory equipment / hardware
• Experience in preventative maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment
• Ability to operate test equipment and wind tunnels, including operation of high-pressure lines and vessels
• Profound knowledge of technical norms concerning safety and a keen eye on all safety aspects of laboratory-based work
• Troubleshooting experience (preferably both electrical and mechanical experience)
• Understanding of technical drawings, dimensioning, and tolerances is required.
• Experience in mechanical design and technical drawing (by CAD software) is an asset.

• Computer Skills: Basic computer skills, including email, internet, and spreadsheets for reporting and basic mathematical calculus.
• Language: Minimum working knowledge of English (oral and written) is mandatory. French or Dutch is required. Both is an asset.
• Ability to work in a team and in an international working environment
• Level A2 or equivalent through experience.


Please apply online via the VKI website (job section) (Recruiting Mgr: Vincent Van der Haegen)

Make sure you complete following fields:
- Individual info Tab: Personal data + upload CV & Cover letter (The other fields are NA)
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